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Crimson Ghost 20"X20" acrylic color block painting the Misfits punk metal

$500.00 / Sold Out

I had been dying to try my hand at the iconic Crimson Ghost figure, but was a bit nervous I had nothing new to add to the mix. I tried to break him down with the color block technique I've been using recently, and I was thrilled with the results. This particular color variant is very Halloween appropriate. This would look amazing in your living room, boudoir, or tattoo parlor. Dude, it's time to take those framed posters down off your wall and put up some real hand made art. Aren't you worth it? Look I don't know if you have seen the Misfits on this recent batch of shows, but WOWIE!!!!!! I've seen em twice and couldn't be more stoked on them. You know you are too! Shipping is estimated to New York, contact me for shipping options.